Nice to meet you over the phone

|if you … I have a phone interview for a tenure-track position. at the end of the conversation. If you just talked to someone on the phone in the morning--would it be appropriate to email them later saying "it was nice meeting you this morning"?

After some conversation, you end up introducing to each other.. Then for some reason, some one said "nice to meet you" But the thing is, they were talking over the phone and didn't actually meet. But it’s also enough of a cliché that you may want to change up this stock phrase, especially when the stakes are higher. You spoke to them, nothing more. I wouldn't think so.

'Nice to meet you' can be only used when you personally meet a person and not over a phone call.|A good way to say something similar for a phone conversation is to say "it was nice talking to you" Or "it was nice getting to know you a little" but this is a more personal thing to say. You could also say nice to meet you if you’re on the phone or if you’re having an online video call and the first time that you meet in person you can also say “Nice to meet you” in person. What would be the alternative? It's always awkward because you want to say "Nice to meet you, Prof. X" but it sounds so weird. on the phone you can say ' it was nice talking to you.' I’ve noticed that many English learners overuse this sentence when speaking English. Hi, welcome to the forum Well, if you meet them over the phone, I suppose you can say "nice to meet you."

“Nice to meet you!” It’s a pleasant and familiar way to greet someone you’ve just been introduced to by email. Let's say you call a friend and someone from their family (like their mum) answers, and you chat with them a I wonder if that's a thing or has it

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