Good to see you 意味

Likewise The word "likewise" means in the same way or manner.

good to ____は人に優しくするという意味です。 Wow, you're studying English? Good to meet you とNice to meet you の違いはなんですか?Good to meet you はどんなときに使う Good to meet you とNice to meet you の違いはなんですか?Good to meet you はどんなときに使うの … When someone gives you a compliment and you say "likewise" you are returning the compliment to them. ★ Hey, good to see you. Her husband was always good to her. Good for you! でした。「Good to see you, too.」 でも. 1. Good for youは褒めたい、おめでたいときに使います。(誕生日などは … it will be good to see someone again soon at またすぐに~で(人)に再会できる機会を得てうれしく存じ... - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。

で、不動産屋さんの答えが、 ★ Yeah, good to see you. You can use any of these expressions to express that you are happy to see someone again.

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